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Dr. rer. nat. Dirk Holland-Moritz

Scientific employee in the working group ‘Undercooling of Materials’ at the



Scientific work

*   Investigation of the undercooling and solidification behaviour of metallic melts.

*   Examination of the short-range order in undercooled melts by neutron scattering, diffraction of
     synchrotron radiation and EXAFS.

*   Study of the dependence of the undercoolability of melts on the short-range order in the liquid
     and the structure of the solidifying solid phase.

*   Modelling of the solid-liquid interfacial energy by numerical methods.

*   Studies of the phase-selection and microstructure formation during solidification of
     undercooled metallic melts, including in-situ investigations by diffraction techniques with
     synchrotron radiation.

*   Investigations on the solidification behaviour and the phase diagrams of the quasicrystal-forming
     alloy systems and on the structure of quasicrystalline and approximant phases.

*   Studies of the nucleation behaviour and the short-range order of magnetically ordering
     undercooled liquids

Scientific projects

*   Co-Investigator of the space experiment "Structure and solidification of largely undercooled melts
     of quasicrystal-forming alloys"  using the TEMPUS facility on the IML-2 spacelab mission (1994)

*   Co-Investigator of the space experiment "Undercooled melts of alloys with polytetrahedral
     short-range order"  using the TEMPUS facility on the MSL-1 spacelab mission (1997)

*   Leadership of the DFG-Project: "Neutronenstreuexperimente an magnetisch ordnenden
     unterkühlten Metallschmelzen" within the DFG-Schwerpunkt "Unterkühlte Metallschmelzen


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